Alexandria, Falling

Julean and the Rai

Performed live since 1999 as "Alexandria, Falling" and developed as a concept album in 2007, this EP contains an expanded 9-song opus in rich, complex Indian / Arabic / North African / Post-Rock fusion. Primarily instrumental (only two tracks contain vocals on this album) and segmented into individual chapters, the "Alexandria, Falling" EP is a paranoid look into a near-dystopian reality; the genocide of all that was once subtle, and real. The exploration of a vulnerable beauty unable to withstand the rigors of power struggle and close examination.

"Alexandria, Falling" is the 6th release of the band Julean and the Rai.

"Alexandria, Falling" was recorded in 2007, alongside "Muse Tree", "Here.", and "Disconnect" (later called "The New York State Demos"). It contains nine tracks of mostly instrumental material, and all of the songs contain either Egyptian and Indian fusion (Rai music), or Celtic compositions, as well as two tracks with strong political statements.

The songs are all based loosely around the title track, "1:1 Alexandria, Falling", which was written in 1999. Although released in Europe in 2008, by 2010, the album was well received in the Middle East, having reached there after being disseminated throughout the torrent networks in that time.

Originally released only as a promotional demo in Europe in 2007, in 2017, this album is queued for re-release as a finally completed, fully remixed and remastered version of "Alexandria, Falling" for American audiences.

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