Julean Off the Grid, Again … But the Website Stays Online

Hey friends and listeners. This is Julean. I’ve decided to move the official site to a new blog format and keep it hosted here on WordPress; mainly because I want to make sure that the info stays up even when I go ‘off the grid’. Which is something I do, occasionally, so be warned. In any case, though, this blog stays up with any updates and info about albums, releases, shows, tracks, and just about anything else relevant some of you’d like to know.

And without making any grand promises, I’m considering a few features that might be useful here. All tracks made available, of course, to start. A travel journal so you guys can keep up with me. And maybe a forum to touch base and stay connected with each other, and with me.

As I always have, I appreciate your kind words and appreciation of what I make and do, and am doing this to make sure we always have a place to come to; myself included. Expect a slew of updates to get started, as I move all of the older information here, to the blog. From there on out, I will update everybody as I can.

Take care, everyone, and hope to see you ‘out there’ while I’m traveling about —

Julean Rai

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