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Julean Rai: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Cajon. Drum, cello, oboe, tabla, and drum programming by Julean Rai. Drew Sowell: Drums, Trumpets, additional background vocals. Jon Pickett: Upright bass, additional background vocals. Caleb Hall: Banjo, additional background vocals. Tony Milano: Electric guitars. Lyrics and music by Julean Rai. Mixed and engineered by Drew Sowell at Dead Canary Studios in Englewood, Colorado. Produced by Julean Rai and Drew Sowell. Album art by Luna Lynch; Copyright 2015 Julian Rai (BMI), All rights reserved.


Lyrics From the LP "The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness", 2017

The Way That Leaving Goes
Music and Lyrics by Julean Rai (BMI)
All Rights Reserved.

Passing under shadows;
Steady as it gets.
Abandoning the highway
For the sticks.

We haven't passed that barrier;
We haven't crossed that bridge.
That'll be with some other boy,
I guess.

Still got a little while
Left to go.
No need to calculate
The distance.
And I'm no alternate
It's just the way that leaving goes.

Don't worry 'bout the time it takes;
Pull over for some gas.
Still shot of quiet ...
Let it pass.

Let's pull up to station;
We'll make a meal of
What we get.
And have ourselves a time
To forget.
And nobody's waiting ...
This was never said,
But we both know
It's just the way that
Leaving goes ...
It's just the way that
Leaving goes ...
Just the way that leaving goes.