From the recording Alexandria, Falling

Engineering and performances by Julean Rai. Album art by Benjamin M. Bader ( Lyrics and music (c) Copyright 1996, 2007 Julian Rai (BMI); Julean Rai (BMI); Julean and the Rai (BMI); All rights reserved.


ow it's time for the daily hate
Incomplete like an Adirondack
And a lot of us have oft been fed
These are your rites of passage

Ask me questions and I'll tell you no lies
Sit down and I'll reconsider
An operator and a poor man dies
Like a message, half delivered

Hemlock for shylock and dreadlock
And burnout and nigger, too --
T-minus 40 and counting
Who will drop the governor?

Fall over, Alexandria ...
Fall over, Alexandria ...

It's time to incorporate
Pieces of the hesitation
'Cause you can't do when you gotta wait
Can't act when you don't believe it

We hide under cover of dark
And fold our fingers to denial
And praise the nation's messiah
As we lay waste to Alexandria

The warlocks and half-sparks
Are turned and burned and medicated, too
T-minus 40 you go
And I will cover you.

Fall over, Alexandria ...
Fall over, Alexandria ...
Fall over.